The mission of the Church is Missions. The mission of Missions is the Church!

That single sentence tells you what we are all about both locally and globally when it comes to fulfilling Jesus’ final instructions to His Disciples in Matthew 28. We believe that it is the church’s responsibility to expand the reach of the Gospel’s influence throughout the world and in doing so establish growing, multiplying churches. It is not a case of either/or but BOTH - Gospel expansion and Church establishing is the Mission.

Practically, we are involved in four different ways to see that accomplished:


Global Impact Team

All mission activities and strategies are overseen by our Global Impact Team. This team provide hands-on management of the global concerns of the church – missionary care; prayer; short-term teams; missionary development; and publicity and promotion.


Global Impact Summit

Every other year we conduct an eight-day conference of all our missionaries, global partners and those interested in aligning with us for the mission. This provides exposure to our church family, educational opportunities, equipping for the missionaries and encouragement to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime!



More Information

If you have interest in being involved with the Global Impact Team, please contact info@harvestlancaster.org.