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Heart Work

Hard lessons from the life of Joseph.

Groaning for Glory

Why we were made for another world.

Simple Christmas.

Christmas 2017 sermon series.

Guarding Grace

Our understanding of grace effects everything about our relationship with God, our every day choices, and our interactions with others.

On the Move

See what God is doing in our church.


Learning to trust & obey the Holy Spirit

Living with Godward Dependency

Living with Godward dependency requires praying for God to work powerfully.


Celebrating Christ's Resurrection!

Global Impact Celebration

Celebrating our global partnership in the gospel.

Senior Pastor Installation

Senior Pastor Installation

This is What We Do

Welcome without judgement.
Love without condition.
Forgive without limit.


The Spirit of Christmas

Out of Order

Rising above the chaos.

Foundations of a Godly Nation

What's it take to restore the foundations of a nation?

Camp Rock Showcase

Reclaiming worldly media for God's purpose.


Finding Favor Through Faithfulness

Get Vertical

Lifting high the name of Jesus through worship.

Act Like Men

Look around. What’s so desperately needed are men who embrace all that God created them to be.


Baptisms & testimonies of Christ's work in people's lives.

Keeping Your Kids from Canaan

Guest speaker Dr. Bruce McCracken speaks on how to develop and deepen the spiritual life of your children.

Worship Matters

Lifting high the name of Jesus through worship.


Come and experience the seven times that Jesus boldly declares “I AM” in the gospel of John.

The Sending Church

The Spirit-filled church sends out disciples who are 
prepared, called, 
and competent.

4 Pillar Sunday

A Sunday to focus on the four key principles our church lives by.

Living in a Supernatural Community

A study through Acts.

Global Impact Summit

The church in every tribe, tongue, and nation worshipping Christ!