Missions Team Giving


Thank you for your interest is giving toward one of Harvest Lancaster's upcoming Missions Teams.
Donations toward Missions Team Trips are tax-deductible if given toward our Missions program and not to a specific team member.


Important Notes

  • You may give toward a specific trip by selecting the fund you would like to give to.
  • To the right of the Amount field is a drop down list of the teams that are currently active and accepting support.
  • All giving will be toward the team as a whole, however you should list the name of the person on whose behalf you are giving in the comment field so they can properly thank you. 
  • In the event of a trip cancellation, or if more funds come in than needed for the trip, the Elder Board reserves the right to redirect funds to another missions outreach.
  • You can also give through Shop for Missions with our reatil partners and earn 3% towards Harvest's Mission Trips.